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Whether you are in the process of looking for or wondering if living in a retirement home is the best option for yourself or a loved one, we, at Sandfield Place, understand it can be a challenging decision. We're here to help.

Caring for Others: A Core Family Value

The retirement section at Sandfield Place opened in 1991 and has always been family-owned. David and Stephanie Kinnear, the current owners, are also 3rd generation in charge of operations. Taking care of others is a major component of the family history which allows residents at Sandfield Place, to live in a one-of-a-kind, welcoming home.

A single-story home makes Sandfield Place more personalized and convivial. Chances are the owner and administrator Stephanie, who is also an experienced Registered Nurse, will be guiding you and answering all of your questions if you should stop by for a tour!

Taking Your Piece of Mind to a Higher Level

At Sandfield Place, you will find a team of devoted employees and physicians. Professionals that have served with us for many years, insuring the highest care standards in the industry and providing its residents with quality programs and services.

What we stand for

Sandfield Places’ core value is to provide a high level of honesty and dignity, along with continuing respect for our residents, families, and staff.

A high level of honesty and integrity towards all residents, their families, staff… creates a sound basis for achieving the necessary credibility required to provide successful services to vulnerable members of the community.

Consistent fairness in our dealings is instrumental in fostering the necessary level of trust and cooperation to achieve successful change in an ever-changing work environment.

Once you’ve experienced life at Standfield Place you will, without a doubt, feel appreciated, valued, well taken care of, and fulfilled. You will make new friends and gain a very active social life. To know more about our activities, visit the Services page.

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