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4 ways to maintain your self-esteem in retirement


While retirement has plenty of perks, it can also cause a decline in self-confidence. This change can be brought on by a shift in your social status, a decrease in your physical abilities or a feeling of no longer being beneficial to society. Here are four ways to help you regain your self-esteem and improve your psychological and physical health.

1. Have a positive view of old age. Society tends to put a negative spin on old age. Make sure you create your own positive view of aging.

2. Try new things. Instead of complaining about what you can no longer do, improve your self-confidence by trying new things. You’re still capable of taking on exciting challenges.

3. Give back. Research shows that social participation has a substantial impact on self-esteem. Developing relationships with others can give your life meaning and make you feel useful, recognized and valued.

4. Move your body daily. Being physically active helps you maintain your independence, which promotes self-esteem. Never stop learning and get out of your comfort zone whenever possible, as long as it’s safe to do so.

Have you developed a negative view of yourself since retiring and found it challenging to regain confidence? Talk to a healthcare professional.

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