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How to talk to your parents about moving into a retirement home

Do you think it’s time for your mother or father to move into a retirement home? Here are a few tips on how to bring up this sensitive subject.


Research different retirement homes in your area that offer the services your loved one needs. When you’re ready to talk to your parent, bring along information sheets and brochures from several facilities. If they can use the internet, you can also send them links to the associated websites.


Don’t rush. Wait for the right time to bring up the subject of moving into a retirement home. However, you should mention the idea earlier rather than later so they can plan for the change. Talk about your concerns but don’t unpack everything at once. Instead, break up the discussion over a few meetings.


Your parent may not respond kindly when you bring up the topic of them moving into a retirement home. Try not to be discouraged and offer your support. It may take them time to get used to the idea. Eventually, they may recognize that moving into a retirement home is the right decision.

Finally, consider scheduling a meeting with a retirement home representative so your parent can learn more about these types of facilities and ask questions

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