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5 signs that you’re (finally) ready to move

Are you wondering if you should move into a seniors’ residence?

Here are five indications it may be time to take this step.

1. Maintaining your property is a burden.

Washing windows, clearing leaves, shovelling the driveway, and mowing the lawn can take a toll. If you have to ask for help with most regular chores, or if you’re simply exhausted by them, living in a residence may prove to be a relief.

2. You need daily support.

If showering or bathing is strenuous and getting dressed is a struggle, you could improve your quality of life with the care services offered by most seniors’ residences.

3. Your loved ones are worried about your safety.

Do you tend to fall or forget to lock your doors? Have you ever almost started a fire by leaving a pot on the stove for too long? Residences are places where safety is a key consideration. You and your loved ones will sleep better-knowing help is available if you need it.

4. It’s hard to eat a healthy diet.

Do you often eat frozen or canned meals? If grocery shopping and cooking are major chores for you, remember that in a seniors’ residence, you’ll have access to a variety of healthy meals every day.

5. You want more opportunities to socialize.

Do you long for lively conversations and enriching encounters? In seniors’ residences, there are many opportunities to make new friends. To find your future home, contact the seniors’ residences in your area.

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