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9 safety tips for walking in winter

Freezing rain and hard-packed snow create icy conditions that make walking a hazard in winter. Before you venture outside this season, be sure to follow these nine safety tips to avoid falls and injuries.

1. Maintain a wide stance with your feet about 30 centimetres apart 2. Keep your knees slightly bent to lower your centre of gravity 3. Walk slowly and take small steps, even if you’re in a hurry 4. Place your whole foot down at once, rather than leading with your toes or heel 5. Opt for lightweight boots with nonslip soles, and avoid wearing high heels 6. If you wear ice cleats, remove them before walking on smooth, hard surfaces 7. Use a cane adjusted to your height, and attach a retractable ice pick to the end 8. Dress warmly to avoid shaking, which can make it harder to keep your balance 9. Wear padded underwear or hip protectors to reduce the risk of injury if you fall

While these precautions can help keep you safe, be sure to take advantage of delivery services offered by grocery stores and pharmacies to limit your need to go out in bad weather.


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