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Honouring Canada’s nurses

National Nursing Week takes place this year from May 10 to 16. This annual event celebrates the invaluable contributions these essential workers make to the Canadian health-care system. Nurses provide care and support to patients and their families and are advocates for those in their charge. For these reasons, their efforts deserve to be recognized.

Nursing at a glance Nursing requires a diverse skillset that includes personal attributes such as respect, empathy, tolerance and integrity. The job also demands a great deal of autonomy and continuous training. Among other things, nurses do the following:

  • Evaluate the physical and mental condition of their patients

  • Develop a nursing treatment plan and ensure it’s carried out

  • Follow-up with patients who have complex health problems

  • Administer and adjust prescription medications

  • Provide palliative care

Members of the profession also collaborate with other health-care professionals to ensure quality services are provided. In light of events over the last year, nurses merit respect and recognition more than ever. This week, take a moment to thank the nurses you know for their care and contributions. ————————— National Nursing Week is always held during the second week of May in honour of Florence Nightingale, whose birthday was May 12. —————————


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